Looking for adventure?
You’ve come to the right place.

Curious about fantasy role-playing and Dungeons & Dragons?
Want to try something completely different for team-building day?
Want to play more games, but your schedule keeps getting in the way?
Don’t want to commit to a long campaign, but want to have fun every so often?
Want to shake up your routine and play a completely different character for once?

I’m an experienced gamemaster who runs inclusive standalone sessions that last about three to four hours. The sessions all take place in a shared setting designed to allow players to be in as many — or as few — sessions as they like with the same character.

I schedule sessions at different times and days so that other people with unusual schedules are able to enjoy telling shared stories together. Open sessions average $15 per player through StartPlaying. You can get a $10 credit on the site by signing up through my affiliate link, and there are often half-price “early bird” signup discounts.

I am also available for private groups and corporate events both virtually and in-person.