This additional setting information is not required to play in any of my games.

Songtooth is a medium sized town with a decent amount of mercantile trading. As an area with a decent amount of trade, the population tends to be pragmatically tolerant of differences in race, faith, and the like, so long as your gold pieces spend. It is the equivalent of a large county seat, with a medium sized port and old Imperial roads to the north, south, and east. The socioeconomic spectrum ranges from destitute to minor nobles. What local government there is largely exists to keep things in order well enough for trade to occur; it is effectively a lassiez-faire form of plutocracy. Smugglers, the drug trade, and other illicit activity is managed to avoid loss of profits.

As a game mechanic, locations for most points of interest will not be specified more than by which district they are in. For example, the Black Talons HQ in Songtooth is in Centertown somewhere.

The maps of Songtooth and each of its districts were generated from

The region around Songtooth is presented below. Some major locations from scenarios (both in active play and being developed) are noted on the map. Songtooth is in the center; each hex represents approximately a half-day’s normal travel. This map was made using HexKit, and will be updated as events/adventures warrant.