Under The Big Top (Beginner/LGTBTQIA+ friendly D&D 5e One Shot – 4th Level) – (SUN) 25 Feb @ 630 PM EST

Captain Wondrous — of Captain Wondrous’ Traveling Carnival — has been having some issues with members of his troupe lately. Wanting a larger cut of the ticket sales. Weekends off. That sort of thing. Bad for business, or at least, that’s what Captain Wondrous thinks, and he’s the one who has paid the Talons.

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything, really. Just conspicuously attend a performance, make sure it’s known you’re Talons, then be seen talking to the Captain. That’ll earn you all a few gold, a free carnival show, and a night’s lodging at “The Broken Inn” — where the carnival has set up — to boot.

Of course you accepted the job. It’s on the way home, after all.

What could go wrong?

This adventure is more horror-themed, and is circus-themed. If you have issues with clowns, please let me know PRIOR so that we can skip any clown-related elements.

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