From Peasant To Paladin: An Intro To Playing D&D (Online) – Neurodivergent/LGBTQIA+ friendly – Thurs, 16 May @ 7pm EDT

Are you someone curious about D&D, role-playing games, or how to play them online? Then this is for you!

By the time you’re done, you’ll have made a character of your own and played in a mini-scenario so that you’re ready to play in any D&D game.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Tips for using Discord for voice, video, and text chat.
  • What a roleplaying game is, and D&D in particular.
  • The basic setting elements of a D&D game.
  • The basic mechanics of the game.
  • A brief overview of the classes and races.
  • A brief overview of the technology and virtual tabletops.
  • How to use D&D Beyond, Roll 20, and Beyond 20 together.

While doing so, we’ll work together to make your own character from your ideas, generate some party backstory, and play a brief mini-scenario to allow your character to interact with a fantasy world and use what you’ve learned!

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