Hard Negotiations (Beginner/Neurodivergent/LGTBTQIA+ friendly D&D 5e One Shot) – Mon, 27 May @ 7pm EDT

Embold Feldwyn, a minor noble in the area, has contracted your agency, the Black Talons to be his bodyguards for an upcoming journey. The miners at Crevice Creek have stopped work, and are suddenly demanding to negotiate.

With him. In person. No further details.

You’d say “what could go wrong,” but you’ve been doing this too long.

Still, you and your companions are Talons, and you have a mission.

A one-shot D&D 5e adventure for 4th level characters.

All Black Talons games are loosely connected one-shots that you can play as a campaign, as a drop-in one-shot, or a mix of the two. Use the same character or try out new ones!

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