Rebel Moon (Beginner/Neurodivergent/LGTBTQIA+ friendly DnD 5e One Shot – 4th Level) – Thurs 20 June @ 7 PM EDT

Lord and Lady Devonsea have a small problem with one of their holdings, the village of Moon Township… as evidenced by the head of the last member of their staff that was sent to collect the levy from the first harvest. Then the brute squad they hired from the Civinus Group — one of your competitors — to help persuade the townfolk did not return.

Now they have turned to the Black Talon Society — your organization — to deal with the agitators in whatever manner necessary. You are to protect the rule of law, their honor, and make it so that the harvest — and tribute — are able to be collected, even if the same peasants aren’t the ones doing it.

Plus, it’ll put the Civinus Group in their place.

You’d say “what could go wrong,” but you’ve been doing this too long.

Still, you and your companions are Talons, and you have a mission.

A beginner-friendly one-shot D&D 5e adventure for 4th level characters.

All Black Talons games are loosely connected one-shots that you can play as a campaign, as a drop-in one-shot, or a mix of the two. Use the same character or try out new ones!

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