The Skinned Man (Beginner/Neurodivergent/LGTBTQIA+ friendly DnD 5e One Shot – 4th Level) – Mon 24 June @ 7 PM EDT

The “Skinned Man” that haunts the lake near Nashrest has been a whispered legend for several years, harassing and frightening lovers who rendezvous in the nearby woods. But now, with the Mayor about to marry his daughter to the son of a leading merchant, the hauntings have become more frequent — and more violent. After the local priests have failed to exorcise the haunting, he has hired the Black Talons — your organization — to deal with the so-called “Skinned Man” before the nuptials.

You’d say “what could go wrong,” but you’ve been doing this too long.

Still, you and your companions are Talons, and you have a mission.

A beginner-friendly one-shot D&D 5e adventure for 4th level characters.

All Black Talons games are loosely connected, and can be played individually, as an episodic campaign, or a mix of the two. Use the same character or try out new ones!

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