Penry’s Dragon (Beginner/Neurodivergent/LGTBTQIA+ friendly DnD 5e One Shot – 4th Level) – Thurs 27 June @ 7 PM EDT

The monster hunter found you between proper jobs. A tinker who claimed he saw a dragon out by the Eastmost Lighthouse recently. Most people think it’s a tall tale, but … a dragon — or even something that could be mistaken for a dragon — would be a major prize. He knows they can’t do it on their own, but can’t pay the overhead to officially hire the Talons. So they’ve offered to cut you in for a share of the loot.

You’d say “what could go wrong,” but you’ve been doing this too long.

But loot is loot, and even if this is off the books, you’re still Talons, and know you can handle it.

A beginner-friendly one-shot D&D 5e adventure for 4th level characters.

All Black Talons games are loosely connected, and can be played individually, as an episodic campaign, or a mix of the two. Use the same character or try out new ones!

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